Is your Child Secure in your vehicle

Each time you get into your vehicle, do you to double check if your child is secured in properly?
Of course you do, any good parent would.
According to the THINK, and THINK AGAIN Program in Alberta, there are many common errors that are made when buckling children in a vehicle. Things such as not securing a forward facing child seat with a tether strap and anchor, or, using a child safety seat that is not appropriate for the weight of the child.
Most of the same rules apply when securing a child in a vehicle. Chest clips, if required, should be level with the child’s armpits, vehicle seat belt must be routed correctly, and the internal harness should be snug enough to only fit two fingers between the child’s chest and the harness. These are only a few things that must be seriously looked at.
According to THINK and THINK AGAIN, a child from birth to under 20 lbs. should have a infant seat facing the rear of the vehicle. From 20 to 40 lbs. the seat should be facing forward and in the upright position, and once the child is six year of age or is more then 40 lbs., one may use an approved booster seat or the vehicle seat belt system.
Most parents would say that they already know these rules, but there are many small technicalities that may slip the mind.
“Although most people think their children are properly fastened in a vehicle, according to Stats. Canada, the majority are not,” says Sandy Primeau, of the Peace Health Region.
This is why the Peace Health Region will be holding a free car seat inspection at the Knights of Columbus Hall on September 29.
“Anyone can drop by with or without their child in the car seat. There will be nurses to give proper installment instructions for the different case scenarios and safety tips,” says Primeau.
Keep in mind that this free inspection does not pose a threat to anyone who attends. THERE WILL BE NO TICKETS ISSUED. It is simply to help you assure that your child is safe.
There is nothing to lose, as the protection of one of life’s most cherished gifts is essential.